Main Gallery and General Guidelines

A Space continues to foster discourse around politically engaged work, issue-based projects, and technically innovative art practices. We encourage emerging artists and curators, and strongly endorse culturally diverse, community-based projects

Proposals in all media are welcome. Submit corresponding support material, i.e. 10 slides (with slide list), video or audio tape (10 min or less), 1 page description, artist's statement, C.V., SASE, and other relevant information to: A Space, 110-401 Richmond Street, Toronto, ON, M5V 3A8

A Space is not responsible for lost or damaged submissions. Please do not submit original slides, art work or master tapes. Please label and cue tapes. Write your name on each slide, and number them corresponding to the slide sheet. Mark the lower left corner with a red dot. Do not adhere labels on slides, nor submit glass mounted slides. Please feel free to contact the gallery for more information: Tel. 416 979 9633, Fax. (416) 979 9683, e-mail:

The gallery located at 401 Richmond Street in Toronto's garment district features approximately 1200 square feet of exhibition space, and 120 linear feet of 10 ft high walls and a 12 ft high ceiling.

see calls for submissions for current calls for submissions and deadlines

A Space Windows

Submissions should include: One page project description

  • CV and artist's statement
  • 10 slides or digital images on CD, clearly identified
  • Descriptive list for visual materials (title, medium, dimensions, date)
  • Self addressed stamped envelope

Note: Do not send original slides or artwork. A Space is not responsible for lost or damaged submissions

Exhibition Assistance Guidelines

Please use the following information as a guide for submissions made to A Space Gallery for Exhibition Assistance. The Exhibition Assistance application has to be submitted by the deadline and may not be made retroactively (for example if you are applying to the January 15th deadline, your exhibition must open after January 15th).

The Ontario Arts Council provides grants to assist individual artists with costs related to preparing their work for a confirmed, upcoming public exhibition. This program is open to Ontario professional artists (visual, craft and media artists) residing in Zone 3. Your application must be submitted before your exhibition opens. Eligible costs are: materials, framing, crating and transportation, rental of audio-visual equipment*, fees and rental costs*, exhibition promotional expenses* (*if these are your responsibility). Costs for opening, artists fees, capital expenses, catalogues, documentation, travel (eligible only in exceptional circumstances, e.g. performance art, installation of site-specific work) or living allowances are not eligible under this program.

Please be sure to include the following with your application:

  • Signed application form (downloadable from OAC website)
  • Letter of confirmation from the exhibition venue, giving dates of exhibition
  • Artist Statement
  • CV
  • Budget - please specify the amount you are applying for and give breakdown of costs
  • Support material: digital images on CD, clearly identified, max. of 1 VHS tape or 1 DVD, clearly identified
  • Descriptive list for visual material (title, date, dimension, medium)
  • SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) - Please ensure correct postage or indicate that you do not need your application returned to you

After reviewing all submissions the exhibition assistance jury makes grant recommendations - the artist may decide to reject the amount allocated to their application, and, instead apply to another recommender. Do not apply to more than one recommender at a time for the same exhibition. Wait to hear results before submitting an application to another recommender. Please note that the guidelines from the Ontario Arts Council require a minimum allocation of $500 and a maximum grant of $1,500.

The Map of Exhibition Assistance Zones and full List of Exhibition Assistance Recommenders are available, along with the application form, on the OAC website at

All applicants are contacted by A Space staff: successful applicants will have their signed copy of approved application, CV, exhibition letter of confirmation, along with a brief letter confirming the grant application submitted to the Ontario Arts Council. If you receive a grant you must acknowledge the support of the OAC through the inclusion of the OAC logo on all printed promotional material for your exhibition. If you are recommended for funding the OAC will send you a letter and cheque.

see calls for submissions for current Exhibition Assistance deadlines