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Programming 2000

August 25 - 26
Long Hot Summer
Steamy Summer Members' Show

January 29 - March 4, 2000
Cutaway Shots

film/video work by Jennifer Hodge da Silva and David Findlay curated by Christene Browne

March 11 - April 15, 2000
Prophetic Wheel:
José Mansilla Miranda

April 19 - May 11
Jane and Louise Wilson
Hypnotic Suggestion 505
Images Festival Video Installation


CAB 2000
Showing at A Space Gallery

May 13 - June 3:
CAB 2000 - Access to the Process
A workshop sampler where viewers will be able to observe the creative process over a three week period presents Greeting to Taniperla

June 10 - July 22:
CAB 2000 - Patterns of Collaboration
A group exhibition of local and international community art projects including:
Long Farewell to Football's Greatness, a collaboration by Jeannie Carbine and Kriss Borgas from Ceduna, Australia
Infinity Story, a school web project by Loraine Leeson from The Art of Change in London, England
Stitching Women's Lives, a collaborative tapestry work from India
Can Racism, a project by Andrea Fatona and Grade 9 &11 students from Peterborough
The Obstinate Memory by Amelia Jiménez and members of the Latin American community in Toronto
The Self Portrait Project at Sheena's Place with Rochelle Rubinstein, Toronto

Saturday, June 17, 2 pm:
CAB 2000: Community Art Panel Discussion
with Andrea Fatona/Dan Fortin, Nicolas Gomez Pérez, Amelia Jiménez, Sergio Valdez Ruvalcaba, moderated by Florencia Berinstein. The Panel discussion brings together artists and participants from the A Space programmes.


September 9 - October 14
Taking Place
group exhibition of installation work and paintings by Shelly Bahl, Amelia Jiménez, June Pak, Maritza Pérez


Performance/Installation series

Sat. Oct. 28, 7 pm:
performance by Bonnie Devine (installation runs October 24 - November 4)

Sat. Nov. 11, 2 pm:
performance by Rachel Echenberg (installation runs November 8 - 18)

Sat. Nov. 25, noon to 6 pm:
performance by Julie Andree T. (installation runs November 22 - December 2)


December 7 - 10
A Space Collection: Ready to Wear
Members' Show and Sale


Events 2000

Saturday October 28, 2 pm
Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave


The lecture is co-sponsored by A Space. Luna's performance takes place at the Workman Theatre, 1001 Queen Street West on Friday, October 27, brought to you by 7a*11d

November 3 - 5
John Spotton Theatre

A Space is co-sponsor of the screening on Sunday, November 5 at 6 pm, of Le Mur de Taniperla, a film by Dominique Berger as part of the Human Rights Film and Video Festival

November 9 - 12
Rotunda at City Hall

A Space is co-sponsor of the exhibition of work by former "comfort women".